Corporate photovoltaics and energy resilience post Covid

If you own an electric vehicle (EV), the recurring question you’ll get is: how easy is it to charge the battery on the road? Clearly, people simply want to get.

The choice of sustainable production and consumption models plays a key role in the energy transition for the use of increasingly modern and safe systems, especially in the wake of the health emergency.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), countries in lockdown have experienced an average drop in energy demand per week of 25% due to reduced production, a risk that modern economies cannot afford in any way; therefore, as stated in the European Green Deal policy, it is quite clear that there is a need to  intelligent infrastructure to achieve climate neutrality and avoid serious energy imbalances that threaten all balances.

In this sense, among the 'green choices', one of the increasingly popular models is the icompany photovoltaic systemwhich can be used to implement self-consumption capacity and significantly reduce costs on the utility bill, but for companies these are not the only benefits of installing a photovoltaic system.

Adopting such a system means, in fact, ensuring on a large scale safe energy systems resilient, through the use of renewable sources, which are able to cope with the possible depletion of fossil fuels and withstand environmental shocks that can disrupt the rhythms of businesses and economies.

In this way, it becomes possible to plan the distribution of photovoltaic energy through storage systems, giving ample room for energy efficiency aimed at containing consumption and eliminating waste.

These are the guidelines issued by international and European institutions to try to resolve the problems and fragilities of an energy system that is still evolving and in constant search of an ideal dimension capable of containing the competitiveness of economies, without leaving respect for the health of the environment on the sidelines.

In this quest, companies cannot be left without internal resources, but must be ready to mobilise, especially in the face of particular crises that can significantly affect and change production needs.

Corporate photovoltaics, therefore, is an intelligent solution to ensure the continuous production of clean energy at affordable prices, accompany the energy transition process through gradual conversions and finally restore space, continuity and security to the entire system, both economic and environmental.

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