Residential Installations

Saving on energy bills, improving the energy class and increasing the value of the property are the main benefits for the owner of a domestic installation. Through our 'Residential Installations' division - B2C - we take care of the entire process: preliminary energy analysis, planning, taking care of the connection paperwork, authorisation and incentives, installation and after-sales service

Corporate installations

For every company in every sector, it is now indispensable to self-produce energy in order to achieve cost savings. Through our "Corporate Plants" division - B2B - we take care of the entire process to ensure maximum efficiency and long-term effectiveness of the turnkey plant: initial analysis, design, installation and maintenance. 


Our O&M division manages residential and commercial photovoltaic systems both technically, by monitoring their performance through periodic field checks and the use of remote monitoring software, and administratively, by assisting customers in dealing with the GSE, the distributor and other relevant bodies.


As an Energy Service Company, we specialise in the implementation of public-private partnerships for energy efficiency and the management of public lighting and water lifting systems.


Regran, through an investee company under Maltese law, is active in the construction sector; a company under Brazilian law is also involved in the production of photovoltaic modules


Our Engineering Division deals with the entire authorisation process for photovoltaic and agro-voltaic ground-mounted plants, through a first phase of final and executive design, and a second phase, through Works Management, Safety Coordination and Testing.


We continuously invest in research and development to ensure a lasting competitive advantage in the renewable energy sector. We are convinced that continuous innovation is essential to respond to emerging challenges and changing customer needs and to anticipate market trends. We are developing Energy Communities and Machine Learning projects.


Our primary strategy is to create significant business assets in order to have financial returns. We currently own several photovoltaic plants and are always looking for new land to build more. We are also developing several energy communities.


Solar energy and agricultural cultivation coexist and strengthen each other. Agrivoltaics is a hybrid technology that optimises the management of agricultural and energy production.