Maintenance of photovoltaic systems: 6 reasons to rely on specialised technicians

If you own an electric vehicle (EV), the recurring question you’ll get is: how easy is it to charge the battery on the road? Clearly, people simply want to get.

La maintenance of a photovoltaic system, residential or business, is essential to ensure its proper functioning over timeThis is a very important activity, which enables prevent the system itself from losing its efficiency and consequently reduce the amount of energy generated.

Maintenance activities can be distinguished into ordinary (or scheduled) and extraordinary. The first is carried out on a regular basis and involves predefined operations depending on the type of plant and serves to maintain its good state of preservation and operation. The main operations carried out during routine maintenance include the visual inspection and cleaning of all main components, checking and tightening of bolts, checking electrical parameters, and replacing small components when necessary.

Extraordinary maintenance is carried out when an anomaly or failure occurs. It generally consists of the repair/replacement of non-functional components.

Maintenance work requires specialist knowledge and suitable personnel.

Relying on an experienced company in this field is always a recommended choice for several reasons:

- Ability to immediately recognise the type of fault and resolve it at short notice;
- Ability to offer an integrated service that includes both field operations and technical support to solve any problems that may arise;
- Interfacing with the authorities (GSE; e-distribuzione; Customs Agency; Terna etc.) requires the skills of technicians specialised in the field;
- Prevention of possible faults with instrumental and thermographic analyses;
- Constant remote monitoring and performance analysis; these are the fundamental tools for assessing the actual yield; malfunctions or production losses are not always so easily detected, especially by the untrained eye. Think for example of a loss of insulation, or shading only present at certain times of the day.
- Safe operations (work at height and under voltage); the owner is responsible for the safety of workers working on his plant!

The specific attention and action of an experienced technician are indispensable aspects to achieve maximum yield and safeguard the 'health' of the photovoltaic systemfrom the moment of installation and throughout its lifetime.

As a company with many years of experience in the development of renewable energy, Regran boasts a team of engineers highly specialised in the design, installation and maintenance of photovoltaic and renewable energy systems.
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