I motivi per cui un’azienda dovrebbe installare un impianto fotovoltaico

Every company that aims to grow and establish itself in its target market must exploit the opportunities the market offers. The photovoltaics represents a favourable possibility, an opportunity to be seized. The reasons are manifold.

Let's start by saying that, compared to a few years ago, the costs for such an investment have reduced considerably, becoming absolutely accessible e attractive. This is a necessary premise, especially in relation to the way in which photovoltaics has been introduced into the Italian market.

The economic aspect in fact, although a priority in the evaluation of an investment, today represents only one of the factors that contribute to the convenience of the investment itself.

But before delving into this fundamental aspect, we want to shed light on another factor that is often wrongly underestimated: the brand reputation.

The ever-increasing market sensitivity towards the environment and eco-sustainability is now an important opportunity for growth, positioning and visibility for those companies willing to bet on their ethical values to become an integral part of the corporate mission.

Photovoltaics, from this point of view, represents the instrument that best embodies these values today, making them easily recognisable on the market.

Returning to the economic benefits, it should be noted that solar installations still offer the possibility of a quick return on investment and later represent a source of saving real!

In fact, every entrepreneur is well aware of how much the costs of energy supply affect their company's budget.

Companies generally tend to consume most of their energy during the day, precisely when the photovoltaic system is able to maximise its productivity, which then translates into a significant reduction in consumption.

In addition, Italian companies have the opportunity to access the incentives under the 'Conto Energia' provided for in the RES Decree1 (ministerial decree in force from 2019), which incentivises the production of energy from renewable sources.

Southern companies in particular can access the 45% Tax Credit thanks to the Bonus Investimenti del Sud, which can also be cumulated with the super depreciation provided by Industria 4.0.

Access to credit also proves to be a further strong point of this investment in view of the very low Euribor values, which allow access to bank loans with very low rates, and the fact that these can be guaranteed by the 'credit assignment' resulting from access to the 'Conto Energia' and also by the intervention of Medio Credito Centrale.

If you are interested in installing a photovoltaic system for your company, effectively creating a financial return for the next 25-30 years and you want to rely on professionals with decades of experience in the field, able to accurately determine the plant's foreseeable output, expected benefits, estimated costs, while suggesting the best technical, banking and insurance solutions, visit our site: https://www.regran.it/ or contact us directly at: info@regran.it.

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